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tony zambos

I’m assuming that the rear door to your trailer hinges on the side rather than on the bottom. Years ago, someone posted a picture of his trailer that installed an I-Beam lengthwise in the trailer that would slid out past the rear of the trailer. On that beam he installed a pulled which would allow him to pick the his kart and slide it into the trailer. But that seemed to a bit over engineered.

Have you thought about anchoring the kart to a kart stand and with a set of ramps, roll everything into the trailer? After the stand is in the trailer, anchor in down to travel.

In our case, we put in a 4×8 shelf in the trailer. We left enough space under the shelf to fit the normal plastic crate. The shelf turned out to be almost the right height to roll the kart up on the stand and push the kart in. Have seen another version of this where short cabinets were installed on both sides of the trailer and the kart sat on top of the cabinets.

But none of those options address getting the kart on the ground. A one man lift would be an option with a shelf in the trailer. You then could go from the ground, onto the shelf, off of the shelf and back onto the ground. My question with that solution is how easy would it be to unhook and hook the kart to the stand on the shelf. I’d give Tim a call at KartLift about that, 877-777-8020.

One more option. Get a buddy the lives near you hooked on karting. :)

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