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I can go on and on trying to explain different angles for geometry and alignment techniques, maybe I don’t understand your question, and I apologize for that in advance.

I you’re racing or not, and you are planing to do many different set ups for testing, you should really get a sniper, otherwise take notes, adjust one line on the sniper pills, drive the kart, change it again, take notes, drive it again, etc.

If I’m not mistaken when you look at tire and it lines up straight up and down, and it’s perfectly straight, then you have +0 degrees, and if it’s tilted like an Indy car set up for temporary road course, and it measures on the snipe 2 or 3mm chances are it is about -1 to -1.5 degrees.

I could go on and on for caster and tow, and give you the definition of steering axis tilt, but you don’t have a sniper. Plus every time you’re gonna be testing and adjusting your pills to try how it performs, you’re gonna be changing your tow, unless you’re planning to set up your tow every time with a string or a measuring tape?

If I understand correctly you just wanna adjust your camber form 0 degrees to 1 or 2 negative degrees and drive it, just to see how it does, Right?

Here’s a video on how it works, I’m just trying to help buddy.