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Dai Feng

Translation is very simple to achieve, all you have to do is google and type in a conversion table or calculator on how to convert MM to inches, degrees or fractions. .

Thanks for the reply, but let me clarify my question.  When one talks about camber in degrees, it is unambiguous what it means.  You measure the angle of the wheel with respect to the vertical, assume the vehicle is set on a level ground.  But when you measure it with the sniper, you read the distance the laser dot move on the opposing scale surface corresponding to the camber angle change.  That measurement is a length in mm.  But that measurement is depended on the distance between the two sniper block.  So if you change the camber angle by _a_ degrees and the distance between the snipers are _R_, then the camber change read by the sniper in mm is:


for small angle (here we are just talking about a couple of degrees so no need to worry about sin or tan).

Here _K_ is 1 if the scaling on the sniper is actual mm.

Since different model of karts have different distance between the king pins and the sniper can be attached to the spindle at slight different locations, _R_ can be different.

I am getting a brand new chassis, so it better be straight.  And I will doing a bunch of testing before racing it so don’t expect it to get bend any time soon.  This is to help me get the kart setup according to the factory standard setup, without a sniper.  I plan to get a sniper later once I start racing.