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Translation is very simple to achieve, all you have to do is google and type in a conversion table or calculator on how to convert MM to inches, degrees or fractions.

But if what you’re actually looking for is how to set up your kart’s camber, caster and toe, then you’re really gonna have to buy a set of snipers, you can’t just go by the lines the pills have, that won’t tell you how far you actually are off, or if the chassis is bent, you need laser beam snipes to see how far off it really is, and take measurements from there.

Yes 1 line on the pills means something, but you could count one line on one side, and another line on the other side, and still have very different negative or positive camber due to a bent spindle or yoke, or frame.

The turns on the screw don’t mean anything either, however you do wanna make sure that both sides have close to equally amount of adjustment, meaning the snipe pills are pretty much centered, and that the adjustments given from left to right at both sides of the axle do match. You can’t have the left side in the middle and the right side all maxed out.

I hope this was helpful, and if I totally misunderstood your question, please disregard this love letter.