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Robert Lawson

Well, plans change yet again!


The ports in that last cylinder looked terrible. Completely uncharicteristic of US Chrome from my past dealings with them. After sending pics & talking with a few different folks over there I got a call from the Owner himself. After some haggling he agreed to fix them so I’m sending all 3 back. Understand, I’m not poo-pooing US Chrome here. Obviously a new port dresser worked on all of these and the boss said he would make it right. I will continue to use US Chrome because the bore looks absolutely factory, no “porosity” like the other guys. BUT, I will request NO TOUCHY the ports and deal with that myself.


So, I started mounting up the new engine and hope to get all of that done as quick as possible. Got messages in to both venues and working on a free space between bookings that work for both.


Everything happens for a reason right? We’ll keep at it!!!!