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Robert Lawson

Had a super good time at Grattan on Saturday!

Chuck and I stole Cherri’s car, loaded it with a cooler full of H20 and Sammy’s, a couple chairs and a pop-up, and I tossed in the helmet bag just in case! ;)

We got to the track, parked, set up the shade and chairs, off loaded the cooler, grabbed a drink and headed out to say hello to some friends. We only came back to get more to drink, then again at lunch to fill up! Each time we came back someone was sitting there enjoying the shade and chairs!!!! It litterally took all day to visit and get caught up with everyone. Actually, there were a few folks we just ran out of time to speak with OR they were working away and we didn’t want to bother them. Got our hands dirty a couple times helping some guys too, that was fun! Larry was done working and was not going to drive until Sunday so there was not much to do over at his pit.

Before I go any further, my sincere condolences to the entire Faasen family for the loss of their patriarch and Father, EJ. He passed on earlier in the week. Although he was infirmed for quite some time now, and not doing well, we are always a bit numb when having to confront our mortality. My buddy Curt Faasen is also on the mend after being diagnosed with cancer and having his prostate removed. I have years of stories about EJ and his antics, also, growing up at THEIR track with HIS boys holds a special place in my heart.

Get well soon Curt, and GODSPEED EJ!!!!!!

Of course, these things start the rumor mill too. I heard all kinds of stories about how the track is being sold now and the many different offers being made. To quote Sam: “If I’m not telling you this, it isn’t happening!!!” I’ll also add this, IF any of these “big deals” I heard about were taking place, Sam would have been boasting about it!!!!!!! He CAN’T keep a secret!! :)

So, we were running around the paddock all day.  We really didn’t get to sit down until 4-4:30. Just long enough to finish the day and head out.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a good many folks we talked to that they LOOK IN HERE regularly! That was cool, and it explains the skyrocketing number of views we get here.

I’m excited. Thought a trip to the track would have had me missing the racing and going nuts but it just didn’t happen. Larry had the right game plan, work on it and prep on Saturday then visit, help, and do your racing on Sunday!!! The run, run, run schedule of a competitive weekend is not attractive to me. I AM infact excited about getting over to Nelson and Pittsburg in a week or so. All the specs and set up for the new engine are done, will be ordering some bits just to have in the AM tomorrow. Depending on when we get UPS, the old engine could be running tomorrow and we could be ready to go this week! Spoke to the guys at Grattan about slipping out there just to break it in so when we get to Pitt or Nelson we can drop the hammer right off the truck! Got to find out what their schedule looks like tomorrow too.

Will be a busy couple weeks.

Thats all for now, stay tuned, things are about to pick up!!!