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Robert Lawson

Chuck and I are heading out to Grattan in the AM.

Larry can use some help I’m sure and I have some homework to do!

The 2nd cylinder for the old ICC is on its way back, will be here Monday. Looks like THAT engine will get the break-in and test runs at Nelson and PittRace.

Not sure about going all the way over to Pocono on this same trip. I have to do more research on the car and bike groups over there then figure out if we can pull this off. I’m fairly sure we won’t get anywhere near enough karts alone to do a day or 2 over there. At least not the first time out. So, more work to do on that yet.

The new engine has me a little freaked out. I DO NOT want to blow this thing up so we have been going the extra mile, getting all info I can before assembling it for a long track. With the old engine we just winged it! Never gave any thought to port timing or “degrees of angle”  blah, blah, blah… In all the advice I ever got involving specs for that engine no one ever asked “By the way Lawson, is the port timing in spec or…….”

So, because this engine is sooo like new I want to do it right. Of course I have had offers to help “If you need any assistance modding it to a proper spec engine.”  :)

Once again this one will remain in KZ spec. I think we made our point that in spec these engines are plenty fast.

Kenny reports a big crowd out there in Grand Rapids today. The MX track is running all weekend too so there will be sounds and smells to please all!

More coming VERY soon!