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Robert Lawson

It was like Christmas Day this morning!!!

I couldn’t get ANY work done until I checked & spec’d it all out!!!

What an AWESOME deal I got on a virtually brand new Vortex RVXX. The seller (Thanks Andy!!!) never ran it and the history he gave checked out 100%. The only time on this engine is by the owner of the shop from which it originated, 2 Wild Karting in Laguna Hills, CA. That time is comprised of “practice” for the Super Nats prior to the “Factory Guys” removing it and installing their engine for qualifying and racing.

It may have 4 hours of total time on it.

I’ll leave it stock/standard KZ spec, PVL, 30mm carb, etc. All we’ll change is the squish and static timing. Rich is as excited about his new stuff as I am about mine. Maybe this was the spark we needed to go another few years…who knows!

Mounting should be simple modification to the other mounts. I’ll get started on that Monday. Rich’s too, it won’t take a completely new set-up to get the RVS on his chassis either. Unfortunately he is not going to make Grattan regardless.

Will have to work ALL weekend now since I got nothing done today!!!