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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all, if you search at Youtube “Pocono Southeast option 3” there is plenty of on board of the above configuration.

Rich stopped by today and picked up the replated cylinder to repair the damaged area with the H2O leak. I mixed up some soap & water and poured it into the sealed head & cylinder combo….then put some PSI to it. The leaks are plainly visable and will take some creative material removal and welding to repair correctly. We will have to use a longer stud in that corner as well.

I am prepared for bad news though. A spare cylinder is preped for replating and will get boxed up tonight and shipped to US Chrome tomorrow regardless. Rich wants this engine, I wanted to keep it for a spare. Either way, it has so many new parts in it that going 10/10ths on a 2nd cylinder is just sound reasoning.

We may just take the kart with the RVS on it to do the Circuit testing simply because it will require NO additional work. And, Rich doesn’t mind if I “break it in” for him. :)

Spoke to our good friend Fred at Nelson Friday, that may be the best place to start since he’ll give me all the laps I need. I knew going to Nelson when no one in their right mind would, would pay off some day. We (he!) laughed about my last trip over there, “Man, I could hear the revs on that thing jumpin all over….you got the s**t knocked out of you that day!!!” Yep, sure did, and, all for the low-low price of $150!!!!  Those days are now history!

New engine will be on a truck headed this way tomorrow. Not sure how long it will take to get here and get mounted up so no plans for it just yet.

Fun, fun!!!