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Robert Lawson

It won’t be official until Monday, but, the busy weekend involved hunting down a new engine.

I know, I know, I can be quoted saying this:

I have started calling this Summer the “Retirement Tour” as I wont be doing the “race events” anymore and really concentrating on a Track Day program.”

AND this:

I always figured when our “stuff” became irrelevent and without a class or participation we would be done. I’m not moving to another class or upgrading just to turn laps….”

So, what the *%@&!!!! am I doing then, right? I guess, extending the Tour!!!

Last quote:

Love my kart. Its cheaper than a Car and safer than a Bike. If I only get to drive it for fun a couple times a year and racing a clock, thats OK with me.”

Nothing wrong with having a super fast Track Day Kart!!!! :)

Hee, hee, hee!!! And the best part….the WIFE suggested I look for something! I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!

IF all things work out, we will make Grattan with it. If not, I will take it on the road to do some Circuit testing at Nelson, Pitt, and….fingers crossed, Pocono. (Dude, you know the Long Pond straight is over 3,ooo ft long, right?)

Being a “laydown guy” my wish list is what they call Southeast Option 3, let me explain.   Direction is CCW, exit the infield onto the Oval at Nascar Pit exit (blue course) and proceed through the 1st turn down the Long Pond Straight to the last infield entrance (white course) turning left. Follow the white course past the infield pit lane and right kink straight to the yellow course, then turn hard right back onto the blue course to complete the lap. Its 2.15 miles.

I here the transition from the oval to the infield at the last entrance before the tunnel turn is…. abrupt. Karts would have trouble there. So, maybe something can be done to slow or change the approach to it. Like what is done at MIS. or go CW? Can’t speculate until we try it. Thats why we have to go and test it.

As you can see there are numerous options! I’m sure something can be configured that would be fun, fast, and best of all NEW.  By choosing one end of the facility and leaving the other open, makes this place unbelieveably affordable.

So, I have a lot of work to do!

More to come….