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Robert Lawson

Gutwrenching, completely deflating………

Worked my tail off today getting Rich’s car just right, dont want him to have any issues to complain about! Just finishing up there were a couple minor things to nail down and wanted to know his preference on their location. While waiting for him to call after work I decided to put water in my kart and see if it would start…..

Never got that far. After adding water I noticed a crack in the cylinder. Its a water leak, in a difficult area to repair. I took it to Tony, he welded it up ok but I had to remove some weld to get the nut on the stud and now it leaks worse. JW believes the cylinder cracked at that area because it had stuck really hard.

I’ll take it back to Tony tomorrow evening, but I don’t expect to get a different result. I have an older homologation cylinder but it will need replating before use.

Funny thing is, I wasn’t even mad. A bit beside myself at how my stupidity seems to have piled up. 1 quart of fuel back in April…. 1 quart…. and I’m not having this conversation. That could very well be $500 quart of fuel!

I will absolutely offer to be, as Harry would say, “Rich’s Pit Man” (RPM) for the weekend and get him running. I don’t think he’ll go for it though. We’ll see but it looks like we may miss our “Retirement Party”!!!!

On the upside, YES, there is an upside!!! The Trailer looks AWESOME!!!  :)