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Robert Lawson

Hey Guys, Yes! I did see that!

I have re-fired the planned road trip from last Fall to include Nelson too.

Need to get through the weekend at Mid-Ohio with a running kart first though!!! Just finishing Rich’s engine today, have not started mine yet either but will do so later today.

Everything looks good, I have started calling this Summer the “Retirement Tour” as I wont be doing the “race events” anymore and really concentrating on a Track Day program.

I always figured when our “stuff” became irrelevent and without a class or participation we would be done. I’m not moving to another class or upgrading just to turn laps…. I get plenty of that at a better rate on Track Days.

Competitive Karting has truly turned into a stepping stone to other things. Road Racing has suffered for quite some time now and pop culture is continuing to change in that same direction. Drones, Video and Internet gaming…. even less invasive “racing” like indoor RC seems to be more attractive and lets be honest, less work, than karting. Especially karting that takes up more than an afternoon of their time and requires long travel with trailers and RV’s. I’m not poo-pooing here, just giving you what I have heard from folks who were here for a season or 2 then disapeared. Even some from families of a long history of karting, now grown up and finding other interests. They get into tuner cars or sport bikes because they can do it everyday, it can be financed, requires no days off or travel. There has been alot of that in the past 20 – 30 years.

I have plenty of friends that have karts sitting, leaning, covered, that are not being used or are not going to be used again.

Love my kart. Its cheaper than a Car and safer than a Bike. If I only get to drive it for fun a couple times a year and racing a clock, thats OK with me.

Gotta get to work!!! :)