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Matt Martin

from: http://www.swedetechracing.com/techinfo/?cid=62373

Standard Size – NGK BR10EG or R7376-10
Shorty Style – NGK R7282-10
Must use the NGK TRS1225 Plug cap with short style plugs
** You must use a resistor type spark plug **
Spark Plug Gap – 0.024” – 0.028”

The Stock Moto Engine for karting application will not run properly run on pump fuel. SwedeTech recommends the use of VP Racing Fuel’s C12 product.
Keihin 38mm PWM – recommended by SwedeTech
Jetting range is based on Sprint Kart setup using the SwedeTech GFS system and a 2001 cylinder combo.

170-190 main ( center of the carb, 6mm hex )
Main jet supplies fuel from ½ throttle to full throttle
58-65 pilot ( next to main jet, use 5mm flat screwdriver to remove )
Pilot jet supplies fuel from 0 – ¼ throttle
DGH needle – 3rd from top. Experiment with 4th & 2nd clip from top.
Needle regulates fuel from 1/8 throttle to ¾ throttle
Air Screw ( side of carburetor body, above fuel inlet ) – 1 Turn
Keihin 2001 CR125 Jet Kits
* For new engines purchased directly from SwedeTech and engines maintained by SwedeTech, we offer a jet chart to help customers tune their engine for optimum performance.