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Linda Baldus

Fun event this weekend. Several new faces.

Thanks to the Norman family and all of their helpers for once again putting this KART MARRS’ event on for us. Everytime I saw Brian Norman he was working his butt off, mowing, pre-teching, flagging. If it needed doing, he was doing it.

Once again @ Garnett, there were people that Mike teched who had purchased BP premium that is advertised as non-ethanol. It’s not and they are paying around 50 cents extra a gallon for this illegal (by our standards) fuel. QUIT BUYING YOUR NON-ETHANOL FUEL @ BP! Virtually everyone that has failed the non-ethanol gas test has purchased it @ BP. A number of the newer QuikTrips have added a non-ethanol pump in the KC area and been told the Wichita QuikTrips have them too, and in the KC area, the HyVees have a non-ethanol premium.

See you @ Hallett July 15 & 16.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO