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Thank you.

Builders sometimes can get very emotional, and they get their feelings hurt when you ask questions Lol, they thing you may be questioning their ability to thing or how they perform.

Hitting the rev limiter at the end of the straight away is ok, but it is a lot better if you hit it a lot sooner, like at the start/finish line or a little bit passed that. And that will help you get off the corners faster, till you get smoother and faster.

Now keep in mind the fast guys may run a much taller gear, but they are very good drivers, smooth and do not make too many mistakes, plus their chassis is most likely very well tuned, so yeah that sprocket will work for them very well, but not for a newbie.

Are you gonna race this Sunday at Button Willow? This would be a good practice race, besides we’re racing in Bakersfield Saturday night, and head over to Button Willow in the morning if you wanna join us?