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William Weiler

I am 5’9″ and 193lbs. I had to add 20lbs at Fresno to make 394lbs. I run a 2016 TonyKart 401s.

I think I got the gist of gearing. There is a general rule of gearing, to hit the rev limiter at the end of the straight, but the final decider is lap time. Copying what faster guys do is a good guideline, and helps you discover things, but gearing is ultimately personal for what makes you faster.

You guys answered my question about what range or gears/sprockets are good for customizing gearing for most tracks. I won’t buy the whole range at the outset, but a few more around the median. It will be fun to experiment.

I felt somewhat upset I maybe started at a low gearing, but every time I asked my builder why he did something, I find the decision he made was well thought out.

TonyKart 401s LO206
Masters Class
Morgan Hill, CA