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Robert Lawson

Back at it today.

We use a TM piston in both the RS Honda and Vortex ICC and I sent one with the cylinders to be replated. There is a range of piston size choices available. I chose one in the middle of that range so I could tighten up or free up the wall clearance as I wanted.

Something told me to check the ring end gap. In most cases of just changing out a worn topend for new bits I dont even look at this. Talking to some other guys I find I’m not alone! But, in this case, with new plating and having sent a larger piston along to be used for “fitting”, I took a look. Glad I did!

The wall clearance is good but that end gap looked tight, so I measured it. At .009 its too tight so we have some work to do on both of them. Not sure if its due to the larger piston size or what but I’m glad I checked.

Rich is waiting on a couple 3/8″ “freeze plugs” to arrive at the Auto Parts store, they dont stock them that small! The plugs are for the base gasket surface H2O passages. His engine model year is 94′ and the cylinder is from an 03′. The 94′ didnt pass H2O through the bottom end like the 95′ and up RS 125’s so we plug that off just to be sure of no-leaky.

So, we should be able to have things back together and running this weekend.

Its been a long time since I have looked forward to Indy but I have a “horse in the race”…. GO FERNANDO!!!!!