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John Kwong

There are certainly some great karting products out there but for the budget conscious karter sometimes you need to be innovative.  The biggest issue I found was mastering the technique of changing tires with your bare hands.  I always needed that 3rd hand or more leverage.  Our temperature during racing season in Canada is rarely hot and a warm tire is always easier to change.  What I use is a length of 3/8″ ready rod, 2 flange nuts and 2 pieces of 1″ square aluminum tubing cut to about 4″ long.  I use this contraption to mount the wheel to the work bench via a hole in the work bench.  This way I can get enough leverage to use the techniques you see on most of the tire changing videos.  I have been using this tool I built for over 20 years now.  It is simple, cheap and easy to haul in my toolbox.

Homemade Kart Tire Changer

Homemade Kart Tire Changer

For myself, I don’t like using water when mounting a tire as it will cause the tire to heat differently when being used because of the water left inside.  I use Gojo smooth hand cleaner (non-grit) as a tire lube as it evaporates inside the tire.

John K