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Robert Lawson

The Cylinders arrived yesterday and they look fabulous!!!! :)

We have used all the plating shops in the past but US Chrome is the best!

Thanks to Jim Anthony for giving me that tip back at Road Atlanta in 07′ (08′???). He was fresh out of the care center after a rolling start gone bad in the 250 race, as we helped get him loaded up I explained  that I had cracked my A Kit cylinder and though it was junk. Jim assured me that US Chrome would fix it right and do the best job, been using them ever since! Jim, I know you are lurking around out here!! You need to get that kart together and come race with me at Mid-Ohio buddy!!!

Sean, ssssshhhh….. you’ll blow my cover!!! Seriously, I will talk with the DKC guys and find out whats up with that Friday as that IS the direction I was headed.

My age has nothing to do with my karting ambition, or change in that ambition. I still LOVE driving the kart, and its super good fun smoking you guys at these test days!!! :)

That wont change, I really enjoy myself at the tests… the format, lack of urgency, the food, and most of all the people! But, the race events are not fun anymore. So little time and so great an expense…. I guess I got spoiled!

There has been talk here in town…. Rich and I will splurge on the M-O trip and really try to enjoy ourselves because it may just be our last “race” we attend as competitors. I just bought my kart back from its short term owner, it was time for it to come home to stay…. even though it never left.

Now, we get ready for Mid-Ohio. We’ll give it everything we got, leaning it on its bloody ear, and not leave anything on the table. I just hope we get dry weather!