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Brad Clem


The short intake is a GFK.  Is there an advantage to using that vs the other?  I’ve done some driveway testing and it seems to dump fuel into the airbox.  I’ve used the angled intake with the pwk and it works well, but I wondering if its optimal.  You’re using the dellorto pump that doesn’t require a return line?


I run an open class.  To clarify, I used the PWK in my last test, because I couldn’t get the dellorto to run consistently.  If I run the engine is high rpms in gear on the stand, it does fine.  But if I let off and hit the gas again, it appears there is little fuel in the line.  If I open the choke in time, it won’t die.  I tightened the zip tie and added the plug top as John suggested and it seems better.  My next thought it to move the T closer to the pump as it is currently 3 inches from the carb and may add more reserve fuel.

I’m using an adjustable main jet to get in the ballpark, but have run through static jets as well.  268 atomizer, 55 idle, 22 needle on clip 2.  I’ve moved the standard float up and down without change.