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bo rougeou

Sorry I took so long to respond, but you are correct.  I had to track down an RS piston.

The RS piston has the ring gap at a bridge and the 2005 piston has it in the gap portion of the intake.  That said, the 2005 ring gap looks to be supported pretty well by the bridges on each side and the gap perfectly in the center of the intake.  I have run many of these 2005 pistons and I have never suffered a problem from the the ring gap.

This is the cool side of the piston.  I would look for problems on the exhaust side,particularly the top of the exhaust bridge showing a little cracking.  This will catch a ring in a New York second.

I have been told that drilling a couple of holes in the 2005 piston to cool that bridge won’t hurt(RS piston sports two tiny holes).

So, that being said, I haven’t seen a problem with the ring gap you describe.