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Robert Lawson


I really hope they do come, I just dont think they will. The WKC crowd is pro-WKA and they generally will not “do” other events.

I think its fair to say the “gray area” thing happened in relation to the Vette track too. Nice new venue but its in a geographical dead spot. It isn’t a strech to say it didn’t do enough numbers to even try it again…. regardless of what is happening/happened with it even being available or suitable.

More over, lets not kid ourselves fellas. Venue or not, (AKRA, WKA, etc) we are not getting the event numbers across the board. Yes, here and there you will see what we now consider a BIG event number wise. (Mid-Ohio &  Grattan 2016)

I have talked with soooooo many people about “what happened” to RR over the past 10-15 years. The “lifers” have grown old! We dont travel much anymore, we just dont “race” much anymore. There has not been a group of new participation with any sustainability and that is just the truth. Why? Oh man, I wont even start, we will be here for hours!!! It certainly isnt a tough nut to crack though.

I know this much, the Track Day was as big as ever this April and being a “non competition event” the insurance is cheaper! Fully half of the Track Day guys are not, or no longer of, a “competitive spirit”. They go to race events because they have a kart and want to drive it, and that is really the only avenue available.

When you get older, the competition just isnt what attracts you anymore…. at least in my case.

No call on the cylinders yet, but we have lots of time!