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Brad Clem

No, I haven’t been able to get out lately.  This weekend or next hopefully.

I can’t get something off my mind and maybe if I mention it here, there is an easy explanation.  The kart came with a dellorto carb with a straight intake.  In the box of misc parts, I find a spare dellorto and an angled intake that has a larger boot (it fits the pwk 38).  Then on the spare engine is another angled intake and notation on both by that it was modified by Super-Dyne (same on the engine).  So, if you’re keeping count, I have 2-38mm intakes, 2-30mm dellorto carbs and 1-30 mm intake.

So my thought is that someone kept whatever carbs were being used for this setup and threw in the 2 dellortos.  I don’t think it is normal to use a pwk for a k9b, so what other ~38 mm carb would have been optimal for a modified k9b?