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Robert Lawson

OK, I’m over it!

Will be sending out my jug and one for Rich in the next few days. Will need to have a running kart for the next thing I’m going to throw out there.

Anyone interested in testing at PittRace (aka the Beav) prior to the AKRA event there? Maybe a week day, its cheaper for everyone involved and I might be able to get a combo going with some bikes too.

I still intend to get over there and cut some laps, (hense a “running kart”…) and talk with Dave very soon. Will also try that Pocono trip, maybe at the same time. WGI is out of the question. Can it be done? Sure. It would take a great number of prepaid interest WELL in advance of any possible date. Thats how WGI plays it, so sure its possible, but I wont gamble the 401K on it.

Well, at least not before the kart is running again!!!! :)