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Robert Lawson

Todd, sweet pic. I saw you there for a lap or 2!

Daniel, I know you waited a long time since getting rained out in October. It was worth the wait though, great weather, good food, and better Company!

Dennis, good to have you and “Mom” out for the day and a half!! How did you get on with the new RV? You both looked well rested!!!! :)

Jerry, hope you and Pops had a good time although cut a bit short. As usual the first kart to fire up and speed out onto the Track was that familiar white S/E!!!

You are all very welcome!

The hard work and stress over the Insurance, being properly protected, concocting rules and forms of Liability, and at the last minute that dreaded rain earlier in the week that tried to ruin everything just took its toll. I only got 2 hours of sleep at the track.

Got out there today to take a look at the damaged engine. I’m going to blame this on simple stupidity and a lack of sleep….. I ran it out of gas and it stuck! The tank had 1/2″ of fuel, just enough to cover the pick-up. Any surging and it was drawing air. The lines were empty and the carb had 13ML of fuel…. just under 1/2 an ounce. Rich and I did throw fuel in it well before that last run but we didn’t fill it up, I never intended to run that entire session. It just kinda happened!!!

Rookies take note, you can play with these things most of your life and still pull bone head moves! :)

If the chrome isnt hurt we will have done no harm…. it was due for a top end anyhow.

This has fueled my interest in getting another engine again. There is the possibility of putting the Vortex on Richies kart and getting…. something else, for me! We’ll see….

Last run of the day:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFAjyI_uOwk