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Robert Lawson

Hey, YOU are the man Bob!!! That goes for Dennis too!!!

Anyone that has a smile on their face all day, at the track, with NO kart….and WORKING, has to be sick or just simply LOVES the Sport!!!!

My brother Kenny got his long awaited ride in Dennis Bernier’s Anderson TM KV95. I was so busy that I missed it, would love to have followed him around and got some film!!!! They said “He kept trying to find 7th gear!!!!” Hiliarious!!! :)

That ride got the ole juice flowin. In the Monday recap phone call he claims he feels he “Can Win” in that kart….. amazing what 5 laps will do!!! Too funny!

On a different note, I was stunned at how many people come out with a kart and no cash. Thanks to Greg for the heads up on that PayPal thingy, it seems like everyone has a smartphone and a credit card (or a friend/relative in the next vehicle with cash) so for the most part it worked out. I’ll tell you this, if Cherri was sitting out there it might have been a different story.

We had more than 60 folks for Lunch, a bit more than I anticipated! Not sure how it happened but we had exactly enough Beef to feed everyone! Reminds me of a Sermon!!!! :)

We dont usually see a group that size for these Test Days. Of course there were problems, liability issues, with folks just not using their heads, but as I said I learned a bunch.

I have to thank everyone involved. The Marshalls were great and worked with Kenny and Rich in the Paddock to get announcements out about on track infractions and procedure. My buddy Chuck came along, as usual, and helped not just me with the kart but with the Tech too. Its good to have a couple Bro’s you can trust to help out. Never had to be concerned about pick-up with the Cole Brothers on the job, thanks Guys!!

Curt and Max Faasen worked double overtime on the track Friday and Saturday. They dug out an area in the sandtrap outside T1 and ran a pump all night Friday to remove any excess water. There was damage to the surface where the water was seeping up through and they did everything they could to prepare it so we could run all day Sunday. They may be “Down Home” type Boys at a “local road course” but they went the extra mile for us and THAT was very much appreciated. I avoided that repair as much as possible but inevidablely did run right over it without issue. Max was very concerned about it, not HIS track but OUR saftey. He said ” I know how damn fast you guys are running down there and….. just be careful tomorrow.”  As I was parked outside the gate selling wristbands Curt wandered out of the MX garage when the first session got underway. He tilted his head up and took a big wiff & smiled… “Man I love that smell, its been a long Winter!!!” These are good hearted guys, they do care about us and I wanted to share that with Y’all.

We did the rolling start with a few karts for the last run of the day. I only intended to run 5-6 laps then get a start on loading up…. but that didn’t happen! For some reason I just decided to go until they kicked me off at 5pm, a good 20 – 30 minute run. We took off, ran a couple laps, I slowed to get karts on the film, no one came by, slowed again, finally a few karts to play with. I was trying to run down Jason in Larry’s B-stk, I was gaining but he pulled off…. so I decided to finish it up. On the last lap of the day, going back to the gas in T1 it locked up hard. It sounded and felt just like the last time the Rod went out of it. Funny thing is, when it went out that first time, I was on the last lap of Practice at a May event preping the kart for Mid-Ohio. Although it was scheduled for a topend after Grattan this weekend, we were doinig the exact same thing! I missed the race at Mid-Ohio that year……

Well, we will find out just what kind of damage was done later in the week.

Thanks to all those who helped out, and to the drivers and families that participated. We had a pretty nice day, it was safe and everyone made it back home in one piece!!!!

Peace Y’all!!!!
Here is an early run: