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Robert Lawson

Wow, I’m still exhausted!

Short version:

*Perfect weather, a bit of wind later but no biggie.
*Curt and Max did a great job to prepare the track for us, NO water issues!!!!
*I learned ALOT about “this side” of the fence!! (kudos to the Clubs, Orgs, and Promoters – its an absolutely thankless job at times!)
**Higher volume pipe made kart “zoom-zoom”!!!
***I believe the crank went out of it at 4:59 PM local time!!! :)

Attendance was awesome! The upper paddock was packed!!!! Curt completely out did himself, that Brisket was incredable.

Will check out the damage later this week but I have no complaints. The Kart was SUPER FAST. All in all it was a very productive day for everyone. The EMT’s had a quiet day, the Tow guys got a nice “color” to them, and the Marshall’s didn’t mind working with Kenny this time!!! (just kidding Bro!)

Long version and video later….

Thanks everyone!