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Linda Baldus

Another season is underway. Great to be back at the track.

Was it WINDY? Oh my.

Thanks to Bryan Norman and the Norman family, and Happy Days BBQ. Were those nachos out of this world.

As a FYI, Mike tested at least two peoples’ fuel purchased from BP that said Premium unleaded no-ethanol, but it was illegal. He also knew of someone that had a problem with BP fuel last year so we sure won’t be buying our fuel at BP and recommend you don’t either. He says if you go online and Google no-ethanol gas stations you can find stations in your area, but BP will probably be the first one to pop up, and DON’T TRUST IT. And if you have any questions, get your fuel checked before the race.

See ya @ Afton.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO