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jt colegrove

Depends on whether you’re using the GPS data, which is calculated based on your change in position, or the accelerometers.


Accelerometers are noisy, and it’s easy to get distracted with shock/peak values.

GPS data is nice and smooth, but won’t always tell you the full picture.

Your peak values are going to depend on the corner, track surface, temperatures, tire wear, etc…

Your best bet is to look at your data all the time and develop an understanding of the performance envelop of your kart with you driving.

In my TAG I’ve seen GPS values as high as 5G in the banked turn at Boston F1 outdoors.  4G+ accelerometer data isn’t out of the question either for peak values.

In theory, a lighter kart like a JR should be able to produce more lateral acceleration than a TAG, which should produce more lateral G than a shifter.  This is due to the CF of a tire decreasing as normal load is increased.