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tony zambos

For a Mychron4, it will be obvious if you have or haven’t GPS.  While the Mychron5 has built in GPS, the Mychron4 uses a separate, external module.  https://cometkartsales.com/Mychron-4-GPS-System.html

FYI – I’m not a driver, but do not believe you will have enough time to study your gauge on a sprint track.  Learn to use Race Studio’s split reports to see gains and losses through certain parts of the track.

There are two ways to get lap details.  One is with the use of a GPS module and the second is with the use of an e-Box. The e-Box has accelerometers that are used to plot a track map but the e-Box is the older method of track mapping.  The use of GPS is more common today.

If you haven’t watched the AIM videos, click here for the link.

I am just mentioning this. I have both an e-Box and GPS05 module with a hub.  PM me if you’re interested.

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