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Robert Lawson

Guys and to whom it may concern,


I will be closing the registration for the April 8th Test Day at noon (eastern) tomorrow (4-3-17).

We will NOT take entries after then, or at the gate the day of the test. This is a “closed private test” for the limited number of pre paid entrants. If your name is not on the gate list you will be welcome to watch from outside the track at no charge or buy a spectator pass to enter the paddock. Only the drivers on the gate list will be allowed on the track. I can’t believe I’m going to say this after years of poo-pooing it myself…. but…. “For Insurance Reasons Only The Paid Legal Entrants Will Be Allowed On The Track.”

Its weird standing on this side of the fence …. I have become “one of them”.  :)

So, at this point the only way to get registered before the cut-off is that thingy called PayPal! (please choose the “friends & family” payment option)

Thank You for your understanding,