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Robert Lawson


I had a couple others ask about trailer drop off or camping on Friday. My intention is to be at the track on Friday by 3pm and no later than 5pm. So, anytime after we arrive you can drop off and unload. Hotel or camping is up to y’all, we will be staying at the track. There is no cost to camp.

Per usual, we ask that all participants pit in the upper paddock. As a single day event it is easier to communicate and safer for everyone to be pitted in the same area. Garages are available at no cost.

A “pre track readiness” form will be issued. This is simply your acknowledgement that your kart/gear is in a prepared condition for the track. Standard stuff, brakes, steering, wheels, helmet & personal gear, etc. YOU will be responsible to maintain this standard as you test/work on your kart during the day. It must be signed by the driver of each kart.


It is to your advantage to arrive BEFORE 9AM as we will not stop a green flag track for gate traffic. Once green, we run non stop and will uphold a 15 minute clock for disabled karts. The first kart off the track will start this clock, sessions will never be shorter than 15 minutes and you will not have to wait longer than that to be towed in. This is a very important aspect of testing.

Saturday morning the gate will be open no later than 7am.

I’m guessing that track fuel will not be available but I will confirm.

If you have any questions just ask or hit the e-mail: f-125@hotmail.com