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Monroe Jordan
Reflecting on last weekends race at GoPro Motoplex for the Gearup F-Series event, I couldn’t be happier with my first impressions racing on the LeCont Tires. As you know, they’re New to North America in 2017. The guys from LeCont really pushed the envelope to infiltrate a revolutionary new tire in to the Karting scene, and it’s clear that their efforts to help grow the sport are directly reflected in the tire itself.
The LeCont white compound was the tire of choice for the shifter and TaG classes. Driving them for the first time with zero testing on them felt very comfortable and I was able to push right away. What stood out to me the most was the sheer consistency of the tire accompanied with tons of grip. Lap times were just as quick as last year’s MG, maybe a few tenths slower, and yet tire degradation seemed to be cut in half. Lap times stayed consistent throughout the day and I can ensure you I’ll be competing with this same set for next weekends race.
On top of it all having the guys from WR Motorsports, who were up until last year the North American distributor of MG tire for decades, come out to the race and provide hands on support sealed the deal why LeCont I personally think will be the tire of the future. They’re such great guys and have so much passion to grow the sport, and it all starts with right tires.
Hope this helped.