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Chris Braunlich

We are total Kart newbies, new to karting but I have road raced for over 10 years,  so what would we do to loosen chassis up?  Feedback from both of my sons was that they were not experiencing any hoping or strange handling characteristics.


We are turning in the 15K-15.4K range and on well worn Bridgestones and only the second outing we are only 4 seconds off the pole at the last race at same track with all the racers on brand new MG yellows so I assume there is at least 1-2 seconds just in tires.


We have been purging the air at the head so I do not think that is it.  Water level is filled to just below the neck to allow for some expansion.  The cap I noticed is holding pressure so that may be a cause, I can blow air out the inside of the cap thru the relief hose but not thru the hose end out the inside of the cap.

Before next weekend my plan was to install a brand new pump and belt setup, new sprockets and new chain and align everything fresh.