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Robert Lawson

We made the trip out to the track yesterday but did not get to turn a lap.

The Grand Rapids Police were training all day and had been doing so since Monday!

We did do a good bit of shooting AND I took my girls for a nice long walk out there which was worth the trip altogether! The brisk, fresh air, must have done their old body’s some good…. they are still sleeping it off at 9:45 am this morning!!!

The track surface is starting to look like the old Grattan. There are large areas of sealer out there now and the Po-Po looked to be staying off of it where they could. Its bone dry out there, thats a good sign. If you watched the rescheduled video from last April there were huge areas of standing water just off the track in the grass. There is a bit of rain forcast, much like this side of the State, for the next couple days but it is “occasional”. I wont make a prediction yet but the 14 day forcast is “Cloudy & 56”. I’ll take that!

Its early in the game of playing  Meterologist but keep Sunday the 9th open in your schedule just incase.

Stay tuned!