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TJ Koyen

It really comes from Rental Kart racing where I am on the edge and hitting my lines well, and then someone sliding a lot and not following the racing line easily passes me. Or I look at track records and someone is a whole second faster and I am, and I am trimming tenths. Feedback like “they are just a better driver” is not satisfying. I weigh 218 (going down) so it just may be simply weight, and when I lose it, the mystery will be solved. Still, in one of the chicanes, someone who said they were a kart racer, was quickly turning left just before turning right into the S. This looks like a technique I want to try and see if it works on this particular corner. Maybe I just have a intense curiosity other people don’t.

A little flick like you’re describing is a very valid technique in certain corners. Like I said, every corner requires something different. Generally, you want to keep the wheel as still as possible, but some quicker corners could require a quick flick of the wheel.

This is probably less prominent in actual competitive karting where the tires are softer and the karts are completely adjustable. In rental karts, often the kart isn’t set up completely perfect, the tires are old or harder, and it takes a little more aggressive driving style to get them to work properly. You have to throw around a rental kart a bit more. There’s more finesse to driving a proper kart probably.

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