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Rob Kozakowski

Marty, what about a LO206, with a 6100 rpm (or thereabouts) rev limiter?  There is no “more” than 6100 rpm, so “more revs” doesn’t necessarily mean faster.

The answer Walt wants to know is whether you are better hitting the rev limiter and keeping your foot planted when you do (staying on the limiter) or backing off slightly and staying below the limiter?

I think the question comes from some rev-limited racing classes, where the electronics have an almost punitive effect if you hit the rev-limiter, where it might drop the revs several (hundred) rpm’s below the “limit”, slowing you down, before they climb to the “limit” again.

In the Briggs, the limiter just holds you at about 6100 rpm – there is no drop in engine or rolling speed.  Everyone I know (including some seriously fast LO206 racers) keeps their right foot planted.