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Mike Clark

Gary, Thank you for taking the time in answering.

It is a used Extreme (Righetti Rodolfi) and currently has this type of adjuster:


One problem is if the keeping the alignment while tightening the king pin as these pill want to rotate with the bolt. So far it take 2 or 3 guys to accomplish. I have gotten better at it but it is still a fight. I have used borrowed Sniper V2’s and I am currently waiting for Sniper V2’s to arrive.

I would like to go to this Sniper system:


I was planning on seeing if the spindle yokes would have room for the Sniper or some other pill system that is more convenient. I just didn’t want to remove a spindle until I can put it back into¬† adjustment. I am told the Sniper adjusters will spoil you.

The 2 tools I know of are an angle indicator to measure off of a spindle directly with the frame rails level or this: