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Robert Lawson

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Just noticed this….

On 1-16-17 I first posted about the possibility of an April 2017 Track Day. On that day there was 4158 views to this thread.

As of today, 3-17-17, there has been since then (8 weeks ago) 2900+ views here!

Going back to the begining, pg 1, 1-13-16 was 1 year and 8 weeks (+/-) and we have seen more than 7000 views.

That has to be somekind of record!!!!???? You could add all the threads on the first page, maybe 2, and not get that number of views.

I get it, many of the same people look in multiple times. But, isn’t that also the case with all the threads????
So, for the life of me, I don’t understand why we can’t get 100 guys to these test/track days.

A VERY WISE MAN once said:  “Nothing grows without rain…..”

I still dont follow, but it sounds really really smart and for some reason it fits here!!!!!! :)


PS: thanks for ALL the help with the video thing fellas!!!! ;)