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Robert Lawson

Well Boys, the mail has come and the call must be made….

We will not be doing the full weekend.

Bummer, I know, I was really looking forward to just organizing on Saturday and doing all my testing on Sunday. The upside is IF we have to reschedule, its a single day, and our options are greater. Our first option would be Sunday the 9th IF it has not been booked by then now that its officially available. We will also now go back to the mid day lunch break.

No measurable amount of snow out there now so thats good.

I will be sending out refunds for the difference in cost for the weekend vs the single day. Those will go out first thing Monday morning.

I was working on my kart today, getting er ready! Down 25 lbs the suit is comfy again, thats a bonus.

Looking forward to it!!!!