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Robert Lawson

Hey Bruce!

Yeah I got it, sent you a response!!


I was there with you at Road Atlanta that weekend. You were the last to fall asleep on me while I was driving us all back to Columbus!!! Not only some awesome racing that weekend but man can those Germans drink!!!!! Wow!! They are lucky Rich wasn’t there, they would still be telling stories at Oktoberfest back in the Old Country about the crazy American with the “bubble glasses”!!!!! He would have altered their family trees with that JD!!!! :)

We had some good times at Mid-Ohio. All the Yamaha classes were huge, the 80/125 class was getting big, the B-ltd/Laydown Shifters had a big class and the 250 twins were all Rotax’s, and plenty of them! There was a small but solid following of Canadians too. Laydowns were the majority then, oh how times change.

That October race every year was good fun man. I always ran good at Mid-Ohio, even back in the day with the ole stocker. Don’t know why, it was never a favorite of mine. Rich and I, Francis, Jimmy McGee, Harry & all of his Boys, Dennis, Brad & Sandy, Frank Dawley, Roger, Doug ….. and anyone else heading out at the same time…. we would all stop at the Hill overlooking the keyhole. We would watch the next race start and have a beer together. The trees were all yellow, orange & red. Just awesome! We knew it would be ALL Winter before we would be back together at the track so we took our time and soaked it all in. One by one we would say our good bye’s and folks would leave. Me and Richie were always the last to get going!!! Good Times indeed. The Best! (I have film from that hill too!!!)

Guaranteed, if we get back there in June…. we’ll stop at that hill on the way out!