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Alan Sheidler

The lateral G’s seem appropriate, and the braking level does not surprise me either.  But unless there is a 1st gear corner, 2.3 for acceleration seems high to me.  Maybe 2nd gear with a strong motor.  But 3rd gear or higher?

It has been a while since I used a data acquisition setup on a shifter, but I don’t recall getting anywhere near that kind of acceleration after I was already on track.  Standing starts could produce high numbers with sprint gearing, but again, that is for the launch and 1st gear.

The braking and cornering numbers are not affected by speed, but acceleration certainly is.  Aerodynamic drag reduces acceleration as velocity increases, especially on long tracks.  But the big killer at sprint or road racing speeds is the reduction of torque at the rear axle with each change to a higher gear.  As I say, the numbers are fuzzy since it has been over a decade, but in even 5th gear you won’t get 0.5 G, I don’t think.