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Robert Lawson


The countdown is on, we are 5 weeks away so get a check or money order in the mail sooner rather than later.

I’ll have to make the call on a 1 day or 2 day lease in just 2 weeks AND pay for it so time is running out.

Not throwing in the towel on a full weekend but it suddenly took a turn south. Many that made a verbal commitment to the full weekend have decided to pay for a single day and wait or have just changed their mind.

We’ll stay after it until we’re out of time. Anyone who paid for the weekend will get reimbursed the $75 difference if we can’t make a full weekend lease.

I don’t “do” social media, heck, texting is not something I enjoy! But, I did hi-jack the Wife’s FB account and send a note with info on the Test to Larry. He has a lot of karting “friends”. If you happen to be into that, let your friends know what we have going on.

I haven’t uploaded any of the other video yet but I’m working on it. Back in 09′ and again in 2010 Grattan was repaved in segments. In the fall of 09′ brought phase 1 which started at the begining of the front straight and ended as you came off T3. Obviously phase 2 was from T3 back to the front straight. Each time Sam had called me, and asked if we would come out and turn some laps, absolutely free. Of course I accepted AND invited a few friends to come out as well. They just wanted our oppinion on a couple spots they reworked and how it felt compared to how it always was. I have video of these invitational pavement tests. I also found early tests of the ICC from Waterford Hills. That track is very short, very narrow, and very rough…but it is so close to home that we couldn’t pass up a chance to test brake rotors and pad material. We installed a new floor tray after that Test!!!

That pavement at Grattan was brand spankin new & super duper slick, man you had your hands full. And Waterford…. I never used 6th gear and just barely touched 100 mph.

I’ll try to get some of it up soon!