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Robert Lawson

Thanks Greg, I’ll make a note of that.


Let me add, if anyone pays for *Saturday only then decides to stay for Sunday as well, they will only be required to pay the difference of the additional $75.

*You are also welcome and invited to stay for Dinner and camp, then drive home Sunday if you like.

Because the Management has been gratious enough to allow us to camp at no charge you will be responsible for keeping your general area free of garbage. If you park/pit/camp in the lower paddock you will be responsible to aquire a provided trash container AND return it to where you got it. Being April, and early in the season schedule, there is a chance that Potty’s and trash cans may not have been distributed so just keep this in mind if you prefer to park in the lower paddock area.

We have about 12 full weekend participants and 5 single day folks as of now, a couple of these plan on Sunday only. This is a very optimistic start, there is a lot of enthusiasm for a full weekend with the open format!!!

Any questions, post here or hit my email: f-125@hotmail.com