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Robert Lawson

Things are starting to come a bit more in to focus. Here is what I have at the moment…..

The numbers I’m shooting for to do a full weekend is 35-40 guys/karts @ $175 each for 1 day or $250 each for a full weekend.

An event entry on average is $125, for a sprint chassis that is 1 – 30 minute race and a couple 8 minute runs in practice. (About $142 per hour, or $125 per hour of track time if you got 4 / 8 min runs of practice)

We will have open track time from 9-5 with the usual 30-45 minutes for EMT’s and Corner Personel to get lunch. So, 7 hours per day or 14 total hours of all the laps you can do for $175 – $250.

For a single day, thats $25 per hour, for the weekend…. $17.85 per hour.

Guys, the indoor joint wants $20+ for 8 minutes in a rental…… @35mph.

If we do pull off the full weekend Dinner is on me! It will directly follow the days activity on Saturday at 5pm in the MX garage. If not, Lunch is on me!!!! Either way we will have Curt setting up that yummy smoked beast & fixin’s for us!!!

Still working over the Insurance, trying to figure how to get spectator pricing cheaper than driver cost. I’ll figure it out!!!!

Got a list going, let me know what your intentions are so I can keep score at home. There are 10 or so 2 day guys, 3 single day and 1 not sure yet but we’re just getting started.

Hang in there, its gonna warm up!!!