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Pete Muller

Sorry David — I *have* to stick Fullerton in the list even though he’s British.

– Terry Fullerton

– Lynn Haddock

– Kyle Adkins

All 3 of the above come from eras when the driver did it ALL — tuned the engine (probably even built it), set up the chassis, raced it, cleaned it, transported it, etc.

Fullerton might have been the best driver ever — the only guy that Senna couldn’t really beat in karting.

Haddock?… well, in my opinion he gets the nod for being the most complete.  Build engines, modify engines, build/modify and set up chassis, tune everything at the track, and win National Championships in Sprint, Road Race, and Dirt (more than any other driver in U.S. karting history, I believe).  And for good measure:  take on Jr. Drags and mop up the National field with his daughter in the driver’s seat.

I HAVE to include Kyle Adkins, as he may be the only driver I ever saw that seemed to be able to actually defy physics when he was really motivated.  I saw him do things in a kart that seemed absolutely, completely impossible, and have yet to ever see anything like it from any other driver.

All of them unbelievably great, IMO.  If pressed though, it surely must be Haddock because he was great at *everything*!  (and still is at many of them).