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Rob Kozakowski

If you are at all nostalgic, it’s hard to argue against the Top 8 from that 2006 list:

1. Lynn Haddock

2. Kyle Adkins

3. Lake Speed

4. Scott Pruett

5. Mark Dismore

6. Ron Emmick

7. Kathy Hartman

8. Duffy Livingstone

I’d almost argue that North American (sprint) karting needs to be broken up into 2 “eras”.  The first extends from the beginnings to the early 90’s, when most of the karts were American-made.  The names above absolutely define that era.

To me, the “modern” era began when the Euro-made karts really took over. I’m biased because I used to race a bit with the Italian Motors guys, but from the “modern” era, my pick as the best goes to Michael Valiante.  I think the greatest 3-way battle we’ve experienced in this era was the Formula A days between him and 2 other greats whom I’d rank right behind him – Phil Giebler and Patrick Long.  What separates MV from the other 2 for me was his success in Shifters in addition to the direct drive stuff.