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Robert Lawson


I had Sam pencil us in for the April 8-9 weekend. The guys in town here were ok with any available date so I chose the one we had been booking annually.

We had 80 “looks” at the USGPRU website but not 1 response. Long story short their Eastern US series did not compete last year as the participation was so low going in that they scheduled no events!

So, its all karts or we’ll have to dial it back to a single day. I’m not giving up on a full weekend, there is a good number of guys that really want this 2 day option to come about so I’ll stay at it until we’re out of time.

I’m still throwing figures around, not everyone will be able or willing to do a full weekend (bro Rich…). So, trying to figure how many singles vs full weekend entries will be needed to pull off the double is like a moving target!

I’ll have more soon!