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Troy Berry

One thing to keep in mind is the Chassis type. Without a doubt, at the big races the karts running up front are on a chassis that is designed to work with the Motor type. This is especially becoming the case in 4 cycle, now that some of the manufactures have taken notice of the LO206 revolution and started developing chassis specifically for the 4 cycle motor. You see the difference in the way they make the chassis for an inboard drive, generally 28mm tubing, 40mm axles, and lighter components overall. If you goal is to race a 206, then a 4 cycle specific chassis like the BirelArt am29, the new VLR from RLV, the Praga Dark, or the Tony Kart STVK will work best overall. If your serious and want to keep at it, spend more than you want and buy newer. Overall you will be happier than chasing the problems of a used kart that wasn’t made for 4 cycles anyway!

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