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Dan Schlosser

Tim absolutely nails the concern of people brake checking you to knock your nose in. Retaliation is only a corner away and the result will be much greater than the 10 second penalty.

Totally agree that the number of people that will be happy with the on track product will far outweigh the number of people that will stay away because they may get a bum call as well.

The officials do have the option of reviewing a nose call if they see the incident and potentially fault the driver in front. You will still get the penalty in line but you’ll know you have the ability to appeal at that time.

We heard nothing but horror stories of how rough the Rotax World Finals was going to be. It couldn’t have been further from the truth and the difference from one year to the next was the addition of the drop down nose. The racing was phenomenally clean as Billy said – I was totally impressed.

If I never hear “just take the bumpers off” again it will be too soon. Just deal with the reality of the sport in this decade – safety issues will never revert because they would force tracks, organizers and officials to face massive liability exposure. Right, wrong or indifferent that is the reality of the situation.